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Engagement Photo To Do's

  • Is your dog your best friend and a major part of your life? Then bring him or her to your shoot. It shows where you are at that point in time and of course, he or she is obviously a big part of your life.. Make sure to bring treats for distractions just in case he or she wants to be in every photo, because you may not want that ;) We may or may not have had to throw the ball a few times between these shots.

  • Outfit choices: Make them unique to you. Want to be fancy? be fancy. Want to be casual because that is how you prefer to be, then show who you are through your clothes. These photos are for YOU and to celebrate you and your partner's love and relationship. I was even able to order this green dress on amazon just days before. Linked:

  • Location: Make it special. Kiawah Island is a place John and I love, so it just made sense, it is special and always will be to US, and that is what is important. Maybe your home or backyard is special to you, do it there. Pick your season and your location based on something that is meaningful to you. If your ideal spot is close to home, or if it is far only get to do this once in your life so make it special, book that plane ticket if it's a destination location and no regrets.

  • Props: New to being in front of the camera? Bring some things that will help you be more comfortable. A blanket to sit on, a hat or flowers to hold in your hand, a bottle of champagne to pop. All these things can add some fun to your photos and help you do something with your hands.

  • Photographer: Find someone who makes you feel comfortable if you aren't comfortable it will come through in your photos. Set up some calls with photographers, ask around for quotes so you can stick in your budget, and thanks to the internet you can get a great feel of a photographer's style on his or her websites and social media. John said he loved the website and social channels so that is ultimately what led him to decide on Laura and Rachel. I was lucky enough to have this guy surprise book these while we went to visit venues at Kiawah Island, but I have to say he knew me so well because these ladies were exactly my jam. This mother-daughter duo had just the best and kindest personalities that really allowed you to be yourself in front of the camera.

  • Check them out:


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