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The Importance of Effective Communication

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Communication is a key part of life. We communicate with nearly everyone we cross paths with in some way, shape or form. Communication is a way we can show respect for others and value one another's feelings. If we effectively communicate our feelings it becomes easier to avoid any awkward, hard or uncomfortable situations. Often times we encounter miscommunication or a lack of communication. Lack of communication can lead to confusion, arguments and distance from another individual. Miscommunication can lead to the same thing. So how are we supposed to have good and effective communication?

Being up front and honest is one key to not taking advantage of people or being caught in confusing miscommunication. When communication is open and feelings aren't harbored inside we can better resolve a variety of conflicts or misunderstandings before they explode beyond repair.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Always share with love and good intention. And the true key is first, being a great listener.

Communication is a gift that should be utilized more often. We use communication as a tool, to better understand people's thinking pattern, thoughts and emotions. When communication deteriorates we often see a correlation in a relationship deteriorating. We should all be so thankful we are freely given the ability to communicate. Instead of making it nearly impossible to have effective communication, let's hone our communication skills. Being an effective communicator takes continual effort and practice. In order to understand people we must ask questions and actively listen. Whether you have the gift to make small talk or have extensive deep conversations with someone work on that skill and explore the possibilities of being an even better communicator. Being able to explore different and deeper levels of people comes from being in tune with oneself and our surroundings. Listening is truly the ultimate form of effective communication and understanding.

A great relationship has great communication. That means knowing how to effectively express yourself and listen properly.

When it comes to the tech-savvy world we live in today, it may enable us to hide behind a device, which only means we should try that much harder to pick up the phone or see people in person and embrace face to face interactions. I generally agree that technology is a great asset when used in the right way. The only unfortunate part is the lack of emotion we can sense behind a text or message. We have to be in tune with not only what someone says, but how they say it as well. Face to face communication is a great way to express our true, genuine and authentic selves. All interactions regarding communication help us to form relationships with others, whether good or bad, communicating, while actively listening will lead to understanding.

We all begin as strangers until we get to know someone by the means of communication. Which might be one of the neatest things ever. That means we can form relationships with anyone and befriend anyone! What a sweet, sweet gift we have been given. After all, we were given two ears and one mouth so that we may listen more than we speak.

Communication can be the ultimate beginning and end of a relationship with someone, so always speak in love and with kindness.

Maybe your purpose in life is to communicate effectively. Maybe there is a job that is in need of someone like you. Maybe you have the gift of communication and understanding. Go use that to your fullest potential and see where it leads. God doesn't give gifts to people without a reason, go find it!

Your Girl Next Door and So Much More,

Danika Tramburg

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