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Pure Heart. Clear Mind.

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Jealousy and self pity are abundant emotions in society. Our goal is to not let these emotions linger in our hearts and minds. We need to rid ourselves of any negative feelings. Things happen every day that may not go how you expected.

Don't be upset when things don't work out, people don't work out, you don't get the job. Be patient in prayer, for God has greater plans for you than you could have ever dreamed. His plan for your life is greater than anything you may ever imagine. Whatever has our name on it will not go to waste or to the wrong person - God has it ready for us.

Give no place to negativity, stay positive. Start every day anew.

Joy, faith, excitement for life and passion for each day of life will make you vibrant and a pleasure to be around.

We all go through hardships, bad days, bad relationships and bad moments. We cannot let these temporary situations create a permanent place in us. If we harbor anything negative that has happened to us or anything that has not gone our way we cannot live a positive and enjoyable life.

Stop holding onto things that should be released from our thoughts and minds.

Hanging onto doubt, jealousy, guilt and worry dampens our spirit. This eats away at our soul. We were never meant to live with these feelings. These thoughts will arise, and these thoughts will continue to come across our minds because we are human, but what we shouldn't do is hold onto them. Let these thoughts pause and not stay there. Don't let the disappointing feelings reside within you for they will overtake your daily life.

If we allow all of these debilitating emotions to reside inside of us we will have no room for good things to come our way. We then create a tiny space for happiness, joy, excitement and contentment, when in fact these should consume the largest space in our minds and hearts.

When we give energy to bitterness and anger we are in turn losing energy to give to pleasant motivating feelings.

If these negative emotions linger in us, it ultimately hinders our creativity and clarity of mind. Remember who is in control and keep a positive mindset. When we focus on the good and allow it to flow in our mind and spirit we allow for great things to happen in our life. Being positive is just the beginning of finding our purpose.

Your Girl Next Door and So Much More,

Danika Tramburg

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