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Letting Outside Noise Define You.

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

We are late, take wrong turns, make the wrong choices, and most importantly we are human, which means we are not perfect. We think we know what is best for everyone. We want others to live as we do, we want others to accommodate us, to understand, to perceive things a certain way, to respond in a way we think they should, to change. You can't change someone, only they can change themselves...and if you think you can, SPOILER ALERT, you will be disappointed. Step 1, if we know we can't change someone, don't let someone try to change you! Don't let someone who has no idea what you go through, have any weight in saying who you are. If you allow other's opinions affect you too much, you are giving others the power to control your inner peace and happiness. If we try to be what others say, or want us to be - we are not living to our fullest potential - we are not being who we were created to be. Let's learn together, to not allow other's to rob us of the mental strength we need to reach our greatest potential.

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We mustn't allow someone else to control our feeling of self-worth. People will like you or not like you for silly reasons. Some people you don't even know will choose to not like you because they feel inferior, jealous, insecure and so many other reasons. These reasons aren't a reflection of you, but a reflection of the other person. Plus, we are all such complex human beings that we can't be categorized or labeled. We are made up of so many different attributes that is what makes us so fascinating and so full of worth and value. Own the fact we know whose we are, and know that no one else has to understand what we do as long as we are in line with God's will for our lives, His love, mercy and forgiveness are the only things that matter. The only things that should shape the course of our lives.

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We should work day after day to build a strong faith and self-worth that allows us the strength to remain steadfast in our personality, values and ideals. Don't be swayed when false ideas, opinions or words come along. Others' opinions, actions and words do not define who we are. Relying on others words or actions to define how we should feel is one of the most harmful things we could do to ourselves. Remember who and whose you are. Don't change yourself based on someone else's judgment.

Learn positive self-talk, validate yourself don't depend on others validations.

Others are not responsible for making us happy, we must dig deep to find our true happiness from within. We should find joy in every day and never allow someone else to rob that from us. When we know all that we are made of and are capable of we shouldn't have to rely on others to make that judgement. Don't look for your worth in others...know your worth through God - that is where our true value comes.

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Our worth does not come from other's ideas, opinions or beliefs. Set yourself free from allowing other's that power over you.

Today, right now, stop searching for other's approval. Don't let people alter your sense of worth. We were created with uniqueness, talents, strengths and so much more! Learn to hone these gifts. Use them to pursue your purpose.

Don't hide your light because other's are scared to see you shine.

God is the ultimate author and perfecter of us. We are all imperfectly perfect.

Because we are all imperfect, don't let other's imperfect opinions or ideas shape your own thoughts or beliefs of yourself.

The one who made us is the only one who will never disappoint, because He is perfect.

We are made in God's likeness, just how he intended us to be.

We are all different and made for a PURPOSE. Don't let others dull your light or purpose in this world. Show your worth and value. Allow yourself to shine, because you have certainty, purpose and confidence radiating within.

1. Go to God, the perfect person, the one who will always have the right answers and give the proper guidance. Ask Him to show you your purpose to show you how you can use your gifts and talents to glorify him.

2. All we need is within us, and we can accomplish anything once we realize we shouldn't rely on others applause or acceptance. Stop searching for gratification from others. If we are not happy with ourselves, other people's empty words are not going to make us happy.

3. Remember God's hand in your life is worth more than 20 friends, 30 family members a boyfriend or girlfriend's opinion of what you should be or do. Find your self-worth, confidence, purpose and value through Him and He will use you for great things, things you were created to do!

Your Girl Next Door and So Much More,

Danika Tramburg

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