Style Illuminate

​This CHI product is one of my faves. I used this to create the most perfect slicked back, shiny ponytail at Miss Wisconsin USA. I am not a huge fan of using hairspray so when I want a light hold that adds shine AND smells so good this is the perfect go to. 


Lash Boost

​One of my favorite things! Lash Boost. I often get compliments on my lashes and my secret...well, it's Rodan adn Fields Lash Boost. I seriously have seen results with my lashes being longer and fuller in such a short amount of time. I would recommend this product to absolutely everyone who wants to see longer, fuller lashes. 

Umberto Dry Clean

My cousin and friend Dawn Oelke works in a hospital, just bought a house and has a brand new pup, so you could say she's a little busy. Umberto Dry Clean (Dry Shampoo) from Target has totally helped her manage her time. "I'm obsessed with it! With working crazy hours and long days it's a must have. It makes your hair look like it was just washed and gives it so much body. Also lasts for like 2 days after using it!"

LOREAL Voluminous Lash Primer

Karen Tramburg, my aunt and my mom's identical twin truly knows the dos and dont's when it comes to beauty products. She is always on top of the next best thing whether its food, makeup, clothing, or diets. She has all the tips and tricks. With seven children and 6 grand babies, Karen's hands are always full. One thing that she cannot go without is this lash primer/base. It is a true MUST HAVE. Use it with any mascara to make your eyelashes pop with length and volume! 

SCHMIDT'S Natural Deodorant

Meet Steph - A busy mom of 4 rambunctious boys. "I'm nothing fancy, just a small town girl, wife and mom trying to make life easier everyday with great products! I absolutely love the Schmidt's brand deodorant. I love it not only because of the amazing smell, but it's aluminum free and derived from natural ingredients." As a busy mother running from practice to practice, on the go, in and out of the house, it leaves her smelling fresh, with a great job of absorbing odors & moisture, keeping her underarms dry. 


​Another favorite product of Steph's is the charcoal face/body bar from Beauty Counter. "This product is great for detoxifying your skin and absorbs all impurities. It gives my skin a nice, clean feeling without the toxins in your other ordinary face washes." 


People often ask how I keep my teeth bright and white. Simple: Crest White Strips, I also use the Crest 3D White toothpaste. That is all. Go try it! 

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